Profile of Directors

Mr. Aurangzeb Khan (Chairman)

He is the current Chairman of Khyber Textile Mills and belongs to District Abbottabad. He has wide and varied work experience, with more than 30 years of background in businesses such as textiles, hoteling and agriculture. He has experience in food production, cattle rearing, managing and marketing which have been helpful in guiding the Company as it has taken on a new venture into agricultural business. He has more than a decade of experience on KTML’s Board of Directors and has served as our Company’s Chairman for many years. His guidance and leadership on the Board has ensured that the Company maintains it obligations, setting strategies and making long term decisions that keep the stakeholders’ interests in mind. Further he has ensured the Board’s effectiveness, steering the board towards consensus, while ensuring that Management is effectively growing the Company’s agricultural business.

Mr. Hassan Ovais (Independent Director)

Mr. Hassan Ovais, holds the position as an Independent Director of our Company. He has received his higher education from the University of Karachi in the areas of Commerce and Philosophy. He has experience as a Compliance Officer who ensured the maintaining of internal policies, legal requirements and regulatory compliance as per corporate requirement and the Company’s Act 2017. Moreover, he has also Managed NGOs overseeing the implementation of projects within requirements of contract. He has completed his Director’s training and has served as an Independent Director for KTML, in which he has provided a supervisory function and has helped maintain valuable oversight on KTML’s compliance with laws, regulations and the financial reporting process. As such he has played a vital role in risk management for the Company in his capacity as an independent director. Further, he has brought an outside perspective into the board meetings ensuring that shareholders’ interests are observed and that the Company is meeting its requirements.

Mr. Nusrat Iqbal (2nd Independent Director)

Mr. Nusrat Iqbal is our Company’s second Independent Director. He has completed his Bachelors in Computer Science from Hazara University and acquired a Masters in Telecommunications from Iqra University.  He has worked for Dairy Development Co. assisting in various IT schemes and maintaining schedule and procedures with vendors. He has also worked for National Telecom Corporation and Telephone Industries of Pakistan. He has experience in managing all phases of project life, quality control, documentation, procurement, deployment, and turnover for monitoring and administration. He serves as a Computer Science instructor, educating the students on the methodology and practical applications of modern-day technology. He also currently manages his own business and has proven entrepreneurial skills to handle various operations and commercial ventures with emphasis on growth of revenue. Further, he also has a background in Agricultural land with experience in growing and harvesting of crops and the sale of agricultural commodities.

Mr. Amanullah Khan Jad00n:

He is a current Director of the Company and has been supportive in guiding the Board and the Company in its endeavors. He has completed his engineering degree from the University of Indiana and has a strong technical understanding of industry. He possesses a background and knowledge in technology and its practical uses to increase production, sales and reduce wastage.  He has a diversified experience in business and management. In his past work, he gained experience in textile production, quality control and general management of industry. In addition, he also has experience in agricultural business specifically horticulture, crop production, livestock care and general agricultural management.  As a Director in KTML he has been instrumental in directing the Company on solving problems and issues it is facing. Moreover, he has assisted the BOD in setting strategies for Management on how to transform its abundant land in the areas of agricultural business so as to ensure profitability. Due to his oversight, supervision, and direction KTML has achieved the goal of utilizing vacant areas for growing crop production, while increasing agricultural livestock sales and reducing costs.

Mrs. Aamna Jad00n:

Is our current female Director at KTML and has brought her insight to the Company adding value to the Board. She has received her higher education in business and finance from Comsats University. Following which she entered the workforce in the Banking Sector and gained experience in Finance operations that included maintaining bank records, clearing and transferring of payments, managing accounts, while meeting internal and external audit requirements for the Bank. She has had many years of experience as a Director who has utilized her education, experience and business understanding to assist our Company. Over the past years she has also served as a member on KTML Audit Committee using her banking sector experience and education in finance to maintain oversight on the financial statements and audit reporting processes of the Company. Further as a Member of KTML Audit Committee, she has applied her business education and practical skills to guide our Company in improving and maintaining the Company’s operations, internal controls, and compliance with regulations.

Mr. Adam Jad00n

He is a Director and the current Chief Executive Officer of Khyber Textile Mills Limited. He has held the post of Chief Executive Officer for the previous 6 years where he has been diligently serving the Company. He has received his higher education from the University of Southern California, in political science, international relations and business. Following which he proceeded to work for a renowned Consulting, Compliance, Enterprise Risk and Services Firm, Deloitte. During his time with Deloitte he had gained experience in internal controls, meeting compliance requirements, dealing with risk management and business planning. Upon his return to Pakistan, he completed his LLB from the University of Peshawar gaining an understanding of the legal system. He also acquired work experience in the Textile Sector, Compressed Natural Gas Sector, Agricultural Sector, Construction and in Management. Further, as the CEO of KTML he has been active in managing the issues and the restrictions the Company has been facing. He has also implemented the Board’s directives in transforming the Company’s abundant empty land towards agricultural and leading the Company to year-on-year growth of sales and expansion in its Agricultural livestock Business.

Mr. Muhammad Bahauddin:

He is a current Director of Khyber Textile Mills and has served on the BOD of the Company for many years. He completed his Bachelors in Commerce from the University of Karachi. He began his work experience in the textile industry as an Administration Officer. He was responsible for import and export of textile materials and was based in Karachi. He then acquired skills in Managing sales of textile materials while excelling at business negotiation, moreover he has held the positions of Supervisor and Senior Manager in the Textile industry. Furthermore, he has assisted our Company with meeting its regulatory and legal requirements over the years. Following over 40 years of work experience he retired and has since held the position of Director of KTML, where he has used his experience to safeguard shareholders’ interests, maintain overall supervision of the Company’s direction and taking part in decision making of important issues for the Company. Additionally, he is a Member of the KTML audit committee ensuring accurate reporting, while maintaining oversight on the internal controls, ensuring reliable financial statements and reviewing all audit reports of the Company.

The addresses of the Company’s Directors are:
Khyber Textile Mills Limited, Baldher,
District Haripur,  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa