Profile of Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Chairman/Director:  Mr. Aurangzeb Khan
Chief Executive: Mr. Adam Jadoon


Mr. Aurangzeb Khan
Mr. Amanullah Khan
Mrs. Aamna Jadoon
Mr. Omer Farid Jadoon
Mr. Muhammed Bahauddin
Mr. Hassan Ovais
Mr. Adam Jadoon

Audit Committee:

Mr. Hassan Ovais
Mr. M. Bahauddin
Mrs. Aamna Jadoon

Secretary: Mr. Sadaqat Khan
C.F.O: Mr. Taj Muhammad
Auditors: M/s Clarkson Hyde Saud Ansari, Chartered Accountants

Profile of Board of Directors and Addressees

Chairman/Director: Mr. Aurangzeb Khan

He is our Company’s esteemed Chairman and belongs to District Abbottabad. He is an experienced professional with more than 20 years of background in businesses such as textiles, hoteling and agriculture. He has an understanding of management, production and marketing which have been helpful to guiding the Company in its new endeavors.

Chief Executive: Mr. Adam Jadoon

Has received his higher education from the University of Southern California and then proceeded to work for a renowned Consulting, Compliance, Enterprise Risk and Services Firm, Deloitte. He has experience in internal control, compliance, risk management and business planning. Upon his return to Pakistan he gained further experience in the Textile Sector, Compressed Natural Gas Sector, Agricultural Sector, Construction and in overall management.

Mr. Hassan Ovais

Mr. Hassan Ovais, has received his higher education from the University of Karachi in the areas of Commerce and Philosophy. He has experience as a Compliance Officer who ensured the maintaining of policies and regulatory compliance as per corporate requirements. Further, he has Managed NGOs overseeing the implementation of projects within requirements of contract. His experience will assist our Board and Company.

Mr. Omer Farid Jadoon

He is a Director of KTML and has completed his education from Loyola Marymount University. He has an understanding of management procedures over different departments and has experience as an evaluator, safety & compliance officer and other various operations & review roles. His experience assists us in strengthening our internal procedures and management practices.

Mr. Amanullah Khan:

He has an engineering degree from the University of Indiana and has a strong technical understanding of industry. He has a diversified experience in general business, the agricultural and textile sectors. He possesses a background and knowledge in technology, management, production and planning.

Mrs. Aamna Jadoon:

She has received her higher education in business and finance from Comstats University. Following which she entered the workforce in the Banking Sector and gained experience in it. She is a valued director who has brought her experience and business understanding  to our company. She is supportive in applying her business education and practical skills to guide our Company in improving and maintaining our financial reporting system.

Mr. Muhammed Bahauddin:

He is based in Karachi and prior to his retirement he has over 30 years of experience in different capacities in the textile sector, such as sales, liaison officer, supervisor and manager. Furthermore, he has understanding of business negotiation, with a background in management and administration. He is a valued director who brings his perspective and knowledge to the table.

Office Address of all KTML Directors including the Chief Executive of the Company:
Khyber Textile Mills Limited, Karakoram Highway, Baldher,
District Haripur,  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa